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Processing Food – Your Way

8 Jun

Slow Money Food

Many folks looking to make food choices are familiar with what’s at the store, but miss a large part of the year. If eating seasonal, local, buying direct from the farm, growing it yourself…any of the many options for fresh food…that works great while things are growing.

What about in December? If you don’t want processed food because of salt, sugar or other issues then you must do the processing. There are several ways to do this but for most in urban areas it will come down to three. Freezing, canning or drying.

Any of these can store food but some have more risk than others. For example, if you freeze produce, do you have a source of backup for your freezer in the event of power outages? Canning may be expensive with getting the jars, lids, equipment but much of that can be reused for years. Drying can be…

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Preparing Whole Meats for Freezer or Cooking

8 Jun

Slow Money Food

There are many folks out there reading who haven’t ever cut up a chicken. The convenience of our modern food system has people who not only will do that for us, but it can be bought cooked and refrozen so we just heat and eat. (A warning– this post will deal with cutting up dressed meats…including rabbit and chicken.)

Many in today’s world are stepping back a step and wanting to turn to home processing. When you take a beef steer or hog to somewhere like John’s Custom Meats, you get the animal back cut and packaged according to your wishes. They have the equipment and ability to process it efficiently for you.

With smaller stock – rabbit and poultry – you usually will get the whole animal, dressed out. This can leave some confusion how to break that down to pieces. For some, the small bones of rabbit…

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